William (Wim) Wakker

      _______________________________Educational background (Free Reeds)

  • 1977-83  Sweelinck Conservatory, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 
             Graduate degree in Music Education.

  • 1985 Sweelinck Conservatory, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
             Graduate degree in Music Performance

  • 1985-86  Post graduate work, University of Denver, USA.

  • 1992 Music educational degree (electronic music), Netherlands.

  • 1997 Received  the first degree in classical (English) concertina, Netherlands.

  • 1998 M.M. Ed. Belgium

  • 1992-2000  Extensive long and short term studies in musical instrument
             construction and development, free reed acoustics, reed design, CAD/CAM,
             tool making, restoration techniques.

  • 2000-2007 Research and development of different reed scalings and air flow patterns.

      _______________________________Teaching, Workshops, Lectures
                                                                                   and Publications.

  • 1985-2003  faculty member of several schools of music in the Netherlands,
             Belgium and USA.
             Developed and taught the concertina program at state music schools
             and the Fonthys University in the Netherlands.
             Concertina and free reed workshops and lectures in the Europe and the USA.

  • 1992-2005  Developed educational programs and materials, ranging from work
             plans for amateur and professional free reed programs, to ensemble programs.
             As an arranger and composer, produced music for theatre programs and for
              a variety of other ensembles.
             Most recently, wrote the popular tutors for the English Jackie/Jack concertina,
              the Rochelle anglo concertina, and the Elise Duet concertina, which are used

  • 1995-2007 Published articles on concertina history and free reeds in several periodicals.


  •  1985-2004  Performed extensively in a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from
              pop music to theatre productions, chamber music and as a (classical) soloist. 

              As a concertinist:  concerts, recitals and lectures in Europe and the USA,
              specializing in the original 19th and 20th classical repertoire for the English
              Premiered many 19th century and contemporary  compositions for the
              concertina in Europe and the USA. 

  • 2001 Recorded  the Concerto for Concertina and Orchestra by James Cohn for
             XLNT records, and premiered this concerto in New York in 2003.

       _______________________________Concertina Maker and Restorer


  •   1993 Founded the Concertina Connection.  Primary activities: restoration of
               concertinas and  publication of original 19th century music for the instrument.
               Specializing in the restoration of  ‘high end’ and exclusive  concertinas.
               Instruments completed include some of the rarest concertinas made by the
               19th century makers.   

  • 2003-2009 Designed and started production of the Jackie/Jack, Rochelle and Elise
              (hybrid) entry level concertinas. 
  • 2004  Start of Wakker Concertinas. Hand made traditional  anglo, English and duet
  • 2010  Start of the production of the Clover and Peacock,  intermediate level (hybrid)




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