Clover Anglo Concertina






Clover custom: birds eye maple with "Wakker" bellows


The Clover is a 30 key C-G hybrid anglo concertina, designed and developed by the Concertina  Connection Inc.. The instruments measures 6 1/4 inch across the flats and is available with ebonized (black) or natural finished ends.





   Specifications for all Clover models:

  • Italian hand made accordion reeds

  • traditional riveted brass action

  • traditional hand made brass end bolts and inserts

  • traditional domed metal capped buttons

  • bushed key holes and action

  • leather 6 fold bellows

  • hardwood ends, frames, action boards and reed pans


    Clover:  $2450.00                       (Current lead time: 5 weeks.)

                                                                       - Wakker 6 fold black bellows
                                                                       - natural finish
                                                                       - hard shell case


    Clover, custom:  $2990.00           (Current lead time: 6-7 weeks)

                                                                       - Wakker 6 fold black bellows
                                                                       - choice of hard woods
                                                                       - french polished ends
                                                                       - hard shell case




 Clover standard natural finish



Wakker Bellows with "fancy" papers



       The Clover is part of our upgrade program.



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