Bellows Papers







          Bellows papers can be purchased separately or with a new set of bellows. 

  • If you are ordering a new set of bellows with bellows papers, add $14.00 per fold
    Price = standard bellows + $14.00 per fold. 
    e.g. 5 fold bellows with papers: $435 + $70 (5 x 14) = $505.00
    See our bellows page for information on replacement bellows.


  • If you want to order papers separately, use the Order buttons on this page. 



          1. Star-dot Pattern. White paper green   
          pattern.  $0.25 each  





          2. Star-dot Pattern. White paper black 
          pattern. $0.25 each





          3. Star-dot Pattern. White paper gold 
          pattern. $0.25 each






          5. Gold stars (early Wheatstone with 
          straight corners) $0.25 each






          6. Black leather paper. $0.25 each






          7. Fancy Lachenal type papers. White paper  
          brown pattern. $0.25 each





          8. Fancy Lachenal type papers. White 
          paper green pattern. $0.25 each






          9. Gold stars-stripes pattern black paper. 
          $0.25 each





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