Replacement Action







          The action of a concertina is one of the most important parts of the instrument. An instrument with
          a even balanced action is easier to play. Basically there are two types of actions used in vintage concertinas;
          riveted, as used by Wheatstone, and the 'hook' action which you'll find in Lachenal concertinas.

          Riveted actions are the better choice. Instruments like Wheatstones play better because the action can be
          regulated better. Lachenals in general play harder and are noisier.

          The type of action used determines the spring pressure needed to close the pad. The more friction and
          movement in the action, the higher the spring pressure has to be to compensate. Higher spring pressure
          means more pressure on the keys. In other words, the higher the spring pressure the heavier the instrument
          plays. An other aspect is the movement within the action. Every movement of the lever other than straight
          'up and down' can cause noise and friction. Even riveted actions can cause friction because of age or just bad



          This is a standard Lachenal 'hook' action. This particular instrument is an amboyna edeophone with glass keys.
          The lever is kept in place by the spring pressure. The action is just as 'fast' as a riveted one, but it is very noisy. 
          It also needs more spring pressure to keep the pivot point from moving.  This extra pressure makes the
          instrument play heavier than a riveted one.


          This is the same instrument with a replacement double guided riveted action. The brass post, through which
          the lever moves, eliminates all  side movement of the button. As a result the action is very quiet and even.
          The spring pressure can be reduced because the friction is reduced to a minimum.


Replacement action, as part of a complete restoration, in a Wheatstone 56 key Aeola


          This action can be installed in every concertina. It does not increase the weight of the instrument, because the
          materials used are lighter than the brass it replaces.


replacement action, in  a Lachenal edeophone Baritone


          Normally replacing the action is part of an action/reed restoration, which is  $26.50 per key.

          This includes (per key):
          installation of the brass post and lever, spring, pad, including samper and leather bead, key bushing,
          end plate bushing and key end disks. Reedwork: new valves, voicing and tuning of the reed.



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