Concertina Overview





          Concertinas are available in 3 layouts:

  • Anglo:  Rochelle, Clover, Wakker models A1, A2, A3. A4, A5 and A6


  • English: Jackie, Jack, Rose, Wakker models E1, E2, E3, E4 and Parnassus


  • Duet: Elise, Peacock, Wakker models H1, H2, W1 and W2



          Besides the 3 different layouts, they can also be divided into 2 categories:

  • Hybrid (with accordion reeds)
    Rochelle, Jackie, Jack, Elise, Clover and Peacock


  • Traditional ( with 'real' concertina reeds)
    Vintage concertinas and all the Wakker models.



          They can also be divided into 3 different quality classes:

  • Entry level (hybrid)
    Jackie, Jack, Rochelle and Elise


  • Intermediate (hybrid)
    Clover, Peacock and Rose


  • High end (traditional)
    Wakker models  


Trade in program
            We understand that most players prefer to start with an entry level instrument and work their way   
            'up the ladder' . 
            To facilitate upgrading, we offer a full purchase price refund when one of the above models is
             traded in for an instrument from a higher quality class. The program includes the entry level,  
             intermediate and high end classes.


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