Hayden Duet concertina





The Elise is a 34 key Hayden Duet concertina, designed and developed by the  Concertina Connection®.
Duet concertinas play the same note on both bellows directions (push and pull). The low notes are on the left side, and the high notes on the right side.





                    Elise Hayden Duet Concertina package. $445.00

                        Price includes:
                      - Elise  concertina: 34 keys, Hayden Duet lay out
                      - Tutor, especially written for this instrument
                      - Gig bag
                      - Free shipping
within the USA
                        (International shipping add $40.00)









          For Whom
          The Elise Hayden Duet concertina is a wonderful versatile instrument, relatively easy to learn
          and perfect for all kinds of music.  Because of its small size it is very portable, and blends
          perfectly with other instruments. 

          The Elise has been developed for first time players.  It is the perfect instrument for anyone
          interested in trying out the Hayden Duet concertina without having to invest a large amount
          of money to purchase that first instrument.

          Although the instrument is perfectly capable of meeting the requirements of intermediate
          players, we understand that many players might want to upgrade to a higher priced instrument
          later on.
The Elise Duet has
 a traditional riveted action. The action makes the instrument 'feel' much like
          a high priced instrument.

          Because of this, all the Hayden specific features, such as key board slant, spacing of the keys,
          hand rail/keyboard distance, etc. are identical to higher priced Hayden concertinas, to assure
          a smooth transition later on.  Upgrade  options are the Peacock Duet and the high end traditional
        Wakker Duet models.



  • Elise keyboard layout       

  • 7 fold bellows

  • Hayden specified keyboard slant and spacing.

  • Accordion type steel reeds.

  • Soft bag.


          The instrument comes with an easy to understand tutor, especially written for this
          instrument. It will teach the basics of playing concertina and music notation, rhythm, music
          theory, etc.. 
The tutor is suitable for both self study and for use in formal lessons (e.g. music
          schools, private instruction, etc.).

          The Elise is part of our upgrade program.