Replating Metal Ends






          Metal ended concertinas, are usually plated with nickel, silver or even gold. After years
          of use the plating will wear off, exposing the base material.

          Although the condition of the ends does not affect the sound quality or playability, it
          does deter from the cosmetic value.

          Replating improves the instruments apperance and greatly increases its value.


          Close up of typical wear of nickle plated ends. On places where the nickle has chipped
          off, the messing base is showing.



          The same instrument, replated.


The finished instrument, a Wheatstone 48 key English with 
(french polished) rosewood frames and new 6 fold bellows.



          This is a badly worn gold painted  56 key extended baritone aeola.


The same instrument in 24 karat gold 
(including buttons, thumbscrews and finger rests).