Jackie  and Jack
English Concertinas







The Jackie and Jack are 30 key english concertinas, designed and developed by the Concertina Connection® . Both instruments are identical in appearance and sound, but differ in compass.

The Jackie is a treble english concertina, with a range comparable to a violin. The Jack is a baritone english concertina. It has the same fingering as the Jackie, but sounds one octave lower.




                      Jackie english concertina package. $445.00

                          Price includes:
                        - Treble concertina: 30 keys, ranging from G
                          below middle C to the second C above middle C,
                          Fully chromatic.
                        - Tutor, especially written for this instrument
                        - Gig bag
                        - Free shipping
within the USA
                           (International shipping add $40.00)


                       Jack baritone english concertina package. $445.00

                          Price includes:
                        - Baritone concertina: 30 keys, ranging from the
                          second G below middle C to the first C above
                          middle C. Fully chromatic.
                        - Tutor, especially written for this instrument
                        - Gig bag
                        - Free shipping
within the USA
                           (International shipping add $40.00)







          Sound files played on the Jackie from the Tutor:

 "Lilliburlero"  (MP3 70kb)

"Kelsterne Gardens" (MP3 60kb)

"Parting Lovers" (MP3 60kb)


          Sound files played on the Jack baritone from the Tutor:

"Jack's Health"  (MP3 325kb)

"My shining hour" (MP3 550kb)


       For Whom
          The concertina is a wonderful versatile instrument, that is relatively easy to learn and suitable for
          all kinds of music, ranging from folk tunes, to pop music, jazz and classical music. Because of its
          small size it is very portable, and it blends perfectly with other instruments. 

         The relatively high price of vintage concertinas and ‘mid priced’ new models, has kept many
         prospective players from trying the concertina.
         Both Jackie and Jack
 have been developed to cater to this group of potential players. They are the
         perfect instrument for anyone interested in trying out the concertina without having to invest a
         large amount of money to purchase that first instrument.


          The Jackie and Jack have been developed especially for beginning players on the English
          concertina. Although the instruments are perfectly capable of  meeting the requirements of
          intermediate players, we understand that many players might want to upgrade to a vintage or 
          new instrument later on.
          With this in mind, we made all the important features, such as key board lay out, spacing of the
          keys, key diameter, key travel (the height of the keys), number of bellows folds, type of thumb
          straps, etc. identical to traditional English concertinas, to assure a smooth transition to a higher
          class concertina later on.  Upgrade  options are the Rose english and the high end traditional
        Wakker English models.


          Both  Jackie and Jack english concertinas have a traditional riveted action, normally only found
          in expensive hand made instruments. The action is designed by us and makes the instrument
          much like a high priced vintage instrument.



  • Traditional keyboard layout (the Jack sounds one octave
    lower than notated), spacing, key diameter and key travel
    (key height).
  • 6 fold bellows
  • traditional thumb straps.
  • Accordion type steel reeds.
  • Soft bag.


          The instrument comes with an easy to understand 47 page tutor, especially written for this
          instrument.  It will teach the basics of playing concertina, music notation, rhythm, music theory,
          etc..  The tutor is suitable for both self study and for use in formal lessons (e.g. music schools,
          private instruction, etc.).


       The Jackie and Jack concertinas are part of our upgrade program.