Replacement Bellows






7 fold all leather bellows for a Lachenal Edeophone


          We use the finest quality goat skin for our bellows, tested for impurities and air tightness. and use traditional
          construction methods and materials to traditional concertina bellows. 

          Our bellows are constructed out of individually cut card panels, not the 'accordion type' folded card board.
          Because of this and the usage of  leather hinges, our bellows are very flexible. 


          The standard colors available are black, Amboyna brown and Victorian green. Depending on preference,
          our standard bellows have either four, five or six folds. Additional folds are, of course, available.



          Bellows papers
 See our Bellows Papers page for more details. We offer (almost) every bellows paper design used by
          Wheatstone, Lachenal, George Case etc..


          Example of 'fancy' Victorian Lachenal bellows papers. The bellows are Victorian green and 'glazed'.


                The same papers on black bellows


a common design found on Victorian concertinas used by both
Wheatstone and Lachenal. The same design is also available in black and green.


a modern variation on a classic theme: gold stars and stripes on black paper       


          English/Duet versus Anglo bellows
          Not all bellows are the same. There is a difference between bellows
          made for an English or Duet concertina and for an Anglo.

          Bellows  made for English/duet concertinas have thinner folds and
          are very supple. They should not 'pull back' when you play on them.

          The weight of the bellows in relation to the ends is very important.
          For English and Duet concertinas the bellows should be as light as
          possible. Just like the bow on a violin, it should almost be weightless
          in order not to interfere with the musical movement.






          Anlgo bellows folds are thicker. They allow less side movement of the bellows. 
          The most important asset of anlgo bellows is stability. When playing an anglo,
          the bellows movement is very short and irregular. Because of the rapid changes
          it is important that the folds themselves do not move. When the folds 'bounce'
          when you change bellows direction, you lose energy which results in slower
          bellows changes and less control over volume.
          This does not mean that they should be stiff.  We use an acid-free type of card
          for our anglo bellows, with a higher weight. The card does not bend itself and
          provides a solid base for the typical anlgo movement.
          The heavier bellows feel more stable and give the player maximum control over




all leather anglo bellows


          prices and time schedules
          We make a very large number of bellows per year. Because of this, we buy our materials in large quantities
          (over 100 hides per year)and    get the best quality (first pick). We have a wide selection different leathers
          and other materials which allows us to make bellows in several gradations of weight, balance, suppleness and
          expansion. We make different models, ranging from hexagonal early Victorian with a narrow waste, to 8 and
          12 sided ones for aeolas and edeophones. 
          We developed our own specialized machines for leather skiving, cutting etc. This guarantees a constant high
          quality at a very affordable price. 


          Time Schedule
          We usually are able to deliver within 4-6 weeks.

         Prices for both English and Anglo bellows:

          Standard  bellows, in black:

  • Hexagonal (6 sides) concertinas up to 16cm/6 inches across (standard size for treble Englishes,
              anglos and small duets):
    $420.00 for 4 folds. $50.00 for each additional fold.
              e.g. 6 folds: $420 +$50 + $50 = $520.00

  • Hexagonal (6 sides) larger than 16cm/6 inches, but smaller than 20cm/8 inches across:
    Standard size plus 10%, e.g. standard 6 folds: $520, larger size $520 + $52 (10%) = $572.00

  • 8 sided instruments (Aeolas):
    Standard or oversize hexagonal price plus 50%. e.g. 6 fold standard $520 + $260 (50%) = $780.00

  • 12  sided instruments (Edeophones):
    Standard or oversize hexagonal price plus 100%. e.g. 6 fold standard $520 + $520 (100%) = $1040.00



  • All leather bellows, add $400.00 for 6 fold standard hexagonal, $440.00 for 6 fold oversize.
  • Bellows with bellows papers: price= standard bellows + $18.00 per fold.

          How to order
          To place an order, please follow the 5 steps in "How to prepare your bellows for shipping to us". 
          You only need to send the bellows  frames or old bellows.

          We offer a five year warrantee on materials and workmanship.