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          The Clover anglo is also available as a kit. The instrument is almost identical to the finished Clover.
          The kit consists of finished parts which require assembly, adjustment, refinishing and fine tuning.     
          Difficulty level of this kit is intermediate. The kit includes the complete instrument, gig bag and an
          instruction manual.  

          Tools and materials not included but necessary to complete this kit:

  • screw drivers, (1)medium and (1) small
  • scissors, a small knife
  • small pliers
  • small hammer, small wire cutters
  • small clamps, tape and rubber bands
  • wood glue and a weak PVA glue (e.g. elmers glue)
  • sanding paper (220 and 400)




          Wooden parts
All wooden parts are made out of hard woods.    
            They are pre-sanded and pre-drilled for 
            alignment and action post/buttons.

            The end plates and frames are out of European 
            maple/sycamore, and are also available as   
            blanks (without fretwork).
            All wooden parts need to be glued. The outside  
            of the instrument will also need to be






            The bellows are 6 fold leather and of 
             traditional design. 

            An upgrade to 'Wakker' bellows is available.

            The bellows will need to be mounted on the   
            bellows frames and the end binding needs to be 








           The kit includes Italian 'a mano' accordion  
           reeds. These are the highest quality
           accordion reeds available.

           The reeds need to be valved and
            installed on the reed pan.
            The reeds are pre tuned, and need to be fine
            tuned after the instrument is assembled. 
            Fine tuning may be outsourced to any
            accordion/concertina repairer.





          Brass parts
            The kit includes hand made 'hard'
             brass parts. 

            The levers/posts/ rivets need to
            be assembled and installed on the
            action board. The end bolt inserts
            need to be installed in the bellows
            frames, and the hand strap inserts
            need to be installed in the frame. 
            The design, material and quality   
            of these parts is identical to high
            end traditional concertinas.




          Buttons, pads, etc.
The kit includes traditional  
            buttons with a metal domed
            cap, pre-shaped end bushings,
            steel springs, leather beads
            and hand straps.

            The manual explains how to
            install these parts and how to
            adjust spring tension and key




          Clover kit: $1550.00
(includes complete instrument, gig bag and instruction manual)
                             Current lead time: 10-14 days.          


  •  Wakker 6 fold bellows $ 260.00
  •  Wakker 6 fold bellows with papers $ 270.00
  •   Hard shell case $75.00


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